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General domestic TiCN powder’s disadvantages

Author: langfeng Time: 2017-07-14

General domestic TiCN powder's disadvantages

1: O, C content will over high, and N content will in a low level; During the process of carbon reduction, the oxygen of TiO2 should be reduced totally as the best result. Otherwise, O or O content will show over high.
2: nitridation in the low efficiency; the supplied TiC on the second step, on the one hand, block the binding of TiO2 and C in some extent, which results O content can not reach lower level;on the other hand, it is so stable and not easy to be nitrided, which makes the Ti in TiN only could be get from the process of reduction in TiO2.
3: repeated production, especially the waste of N2 and electrical energy;
4: low utilization rate on equipment, resulting low productivity;
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