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Cutting heat and cutting temperature profile(一)

Author: langfeng Time: 2017-08-04

Cutting heat and cutting temperature profile(一)

Cutting heat and cutting temperature is another important physical phenomena arising during the cutting process. Cutting the work donecan be converted to an equivalent amount of heat. In addition to a small amount of power cut heat dissipation around the surrounding media, the rest were passed in the tool, chip and workpiece, the temperature rise, causing deformation of the workpiece,speed up the tool wear. Therefore, the study of cutting heat and cutting temperature has important practical significance. 
First. cutting heat generation and conduction 
Cutting heat is by cutting the power shift came. As shown below, 
including: thermal deformation work QP shear zone formation, thermal Qrf chip and the rake face friction work formed, machined surfaces and friction work formed the flank heat Qαf, therefore, there are three heat generating area during cutting. i.e. the shear plane, the chip and the rake face contact area, the flank contact areas of the machined surface,  as illustrated, three heating zone corresponding to the three deformation zone. Therefore, the source of heat is cutting chip deformation work and the front and rear flank friction work. The total cutting heat generated Q, respectively incoming chip Q ch, cutting tool Qc, workpiece Qw and the surrounding medium Qr. Forming and cutting heat conduction relationship is:
When cutting plastic deformation of metal cutting heat is mainly composed by heat and shear deformation zone rake friction heat; brittle metal cutting flank friction is  of more heat.

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