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Application of Powder Spraying in Surface Treatment of Aluminum Profiles(二)

Author: langfeng Time: 2017-11-14

Application of Powder Spraying in Surface Treatment of Aluminum Profiles(二)
4. The pollution to water and atmosphere will be reduced, and the use of flake alkali, sulfuric acid and other liquid organic solvents will be no longer used, the water and air pollution will be reduced, and the competitive strength between aluminum profile and plastic profile as eco-friendly products will be effectively improved, correspondingly, Some production costs
5 workers significantly reduce the labor intensity, due to the use of automated assembly line operations, feeding methods and the use of fixtures has been significantly simplified, increased production efficiency, but also reduces the labor intensity;
6 surface quality standards for wool has significantly reduced the standard, powder coating and can completely cover the surface extrusion pattern, cover part of the aluminum surface defects, improve the surface quality of aluminum products;
7 some of the physical properties of the coating film than other surface treatment has improved significantly, such as hardness, wear resistance, acid resistance, which can effectively extend the life of aluminum.
Powder coating is used in powder coating, the process is used in electrostatic spraying, the use of friction spray gun, under the influence of accelerating wind, so that when the powder particles are sprayed gun body carrying a positive charge, and negative charge profiles contact, resulting Electrostatic adsorption, and then high temperature curing. Also enhance the adsorption strength of the paint to prevent paint film off.
From the process itself, with a very high technology ingredients, the deployment of different colors of paint, produce different color decorative effect, more in line with the needs of interior decoration, but also with the aluminum profiles in the construction industry to the development of the indoor phase Consistent. In particular, the combination of spray profile and thermal break bridge makes it more stylish and trendy, giving powder coating profiles a greater space for development and an irreplaceable alternative to profiles produced by other processing methods.

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