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Anti - corrosion technology of thermal spraying metal ladder coating

Author: langfeng Time: 2017-10-10

Anti - corrosion technology of thermal spraying metal ladder coating
Metal thermal spraying is the use of some form of heat source to heat the metal coating material to form a molten state of the particles, the particles under the action of power, at a certain rate of impact and deposition on the surface of the substrate to form a certain characteristics Metal coating. Hydraulic steel structure and other substrate surface, through the thermal spraying technology, corrosion resistance, wear resistance of the metal protective coating, thereby enhancing the corrosion of hydraulic steel structure, wear performance.
Can be used for metal spraying more  such as zinc, stainless steel and so on. One of the stainless steel coating with wear and long protection period and other characteristics; zinc coating not only has a cover, corrosion resistance, more importantly, has a cathodic protection function (the original battery principle). They are an important material for anti-corrosion spraying of hydraulic steel structures and are therefore widely used.
With the implementation of the national South-to-North Water Diversion Project, the use of hydraulic steel structure will increase rapidly. It is very important to study and develop a new type of anti-corrosion technology of hydraulic steel structure, which will reduce the project cost and prolong the project life. To this end, the two kinds of metal coating the advantages of each complement each other, in the same workpiece substrate superimposed spray, first with zinc coating as the bottom layer, and then stainless steel coating as a surface layer, and ultimately the formation of ladder coating, applied to the water Industrial steel structure, after a lot of research and testing to obtain both economic and satisfactory anti-corrosion effect.
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