Steel Bonded Titanium Milling Guide Roller


Steel Bonded Titanium Milling Guide Roller


Guild Roller/ Wheel Introduction

Guide roller (guide wheel) is one of spare parts used in stainless steel rods, wires rolling equipment. Roller guides ensures faster and accurate position during rolling process, to ensure smooth entry into the wheel groove, It is suitable for the high speed up to 110 m / s, the rotation of guide roller (guide wheel) is 5,0000 rpm , the surface temperature up to 800-1100 ℃, The design of roller guides for high speed applications, such as in wire rod mills,requires certain characteristics in order to fulfil the high demands in high speed rolling, it should withstand a certain physical impact and stress, requires a high acceleration performance. Due to contact with the working material,the surface is easy to form a metal impurity bonding.


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Steel-bonded carbide high-speed high-precision milling guide roller, also known as guide wheel, is an indispensable part of the milling equipment, it should fulfill some requirements, including high hardness, high wear resistance,(it works with high quality bearings to ensure longer service life), good thermal conductivity, with a certain red hardness,especially high-speed rolling (rolling speed: 80-120m/s). Currently most of guild rollers are made by steels, the large scale of wires benefit is restricted due to the poor wear resistance, short service life, high frequency of change-out,while Steel-bonded carbide high-speed high-precision milling guide roller can fully overcome these problems.


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1.Steel-bonded carbide high-speed high-precision milling guide roller, with high hardness (hardness up to HRC60 ~ 72 after quenching and tempering), high wear resistance, high impact resistance and good hardenability;The product is dispersed in a large number of refractory metal carbide (titanium carbide), greatly improving the wear resistance.  At the same time it can be heat treated and weldable, with a lower heat treatment deformation rate, substantially increasing the mechanical properties of the threaded inserts.

2.very low coefficient of friction and self-lubricating properties,  better anti-oxidation, corrosion resistance.

3.high elastic modulus and rigidity and excellent damping characteristics,  it can eliminate the vibration cause by itself and even by the machine, it is a rigid spare part with good anti-shock performance.

4.With good mechanical performance, it can be processed by use ordinary mechanical processing equipment, including milling, drilling, grinding, cutting, etc.

5. With Malleability, the appearance and size can be changed through forging, improving the internal structure of the material, thereby enhancing its performance.

6. with good impact toughness, it is more cost-saving compared with tungsten cobalt cemented carbide:with low density :6.5g / cm3.


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With the application of self-customized production of titanium carbide with high-purity as raw materials, with the unique additive formulations and liquid sintering process, the densificiation, excellent wear resistance,very low coefficient of friction, high self-lubricating properties and better anti-oxidation, corrosion resistance can be ensured. We are in the leading position of Steel-bonded carbide high-speed high-precision milling guide roller.

The design of the Steel-bonded carbide high-speed high-precision milling guide rollers offer advantages:
lighter weight;higher wear resistance, it can be used repeatedly after repair;better acceleration performance,to increase the service life of bearing;heat shock, good toughness, super Long life;free magnetic, difficult to bond with metal.


Technical Data:


Steel base type

Hard phase

Density G/cm3











Tool steel








The above is the typical value


Heat Treatment Technical Data:

Steel-bonded carbide thread grinding process parameters


Process content


Grinding speed


Grinding depth


Feed rate mm/

Grinding wheel



Grinding processing





120mesh -200mesh

Diamond wheel


Product Application Case:


1: steel-based carbide guide roller guide wheel is currently in the United States, Germany, Japan, Singapore,South Korea has been very good use and validation, used in rolling mill wire rolling process wire derived,greatly enhance the service life, Comparison of service life See table below:



Processing of materials

Tool material

Working life

ser place


Guide Roller

High speed wire rod

T10 steel

3set/1 month

South Korea

Working life increased by 10 tims


1sets/3 months


2:The steel-based carbide guide wheel wheel is also could be used in the metal products industry wire manufacturers, such as wires,cables, wire rope, steel cord, stainless steel screens ,textile, chemical and other industries.


Guide roller guide wheel instructions:

The serive life of Guide roller and guide wheel affected by two items: first the raw material, the second is the bearing life.Because the bearing and guide roller/ guide wheel showed interference fit, will not be able to remove once assembled.It is very important that two service life should be match. Currently  in the domestic market, the bearing is medium or low quality, rarely high quality. In this way, the bearing and steel-bonded carbide guide roller/ guide wheel does not match,steel-based carbide guide wheel life is much higher than the bearing’s. This is also the main reason why steel-free carbide guide roller guide wheel is not promoted. The use of foreign high-quality bearings, its life and the steel-based carbide guide wheel can be a good match, could be used well.


How to improve the service life of the guide roller:

In order to improve the wear resistance and anti-cracking performance of the rolling mill guide roller, the guide roller/guide wheel in steel-based cemented carbide material with the new powder metallurgy production technology has a large service life improvement compared with the conventional high chromium cast steel guide roller /guide wheel.

High chromium cast steel guide roller life is generally 8 hours, after the emergence of serious wear groove and fatigue cracks, wear deep groove will occur sticky steel and steel phenomenon, seriously affecting the surface quality of steel,thus Scrapped. Steel-based cemented carbide guide carbide guide roller guide wheel has a significant anti-abrasive wear and thermal fatigue resistance, the average service life of 800 hours; Moreover, the guide roller /guide wheel repair,the average life expectancy can be improved more, the effect is very significant.

Through the comprehensive evaluation of the guide roller of the steel-bonded cemented carbide material, it can be seen that the application of the steel-bonded carbide guide roller on the rolling mill can significantly improve the service life ,such as reduce handling/ loading and unloading costs, reduce the labor intensity of frequent replacement and the waste of working time caused by the disassembly and handling of the guide rollers, and can increase the amount of rolled steel,save a lot of high quality steel.

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