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TaC Tantalum carbide powder products introduced

TaC Tantalum carbide powder products details

TaC Tantalum carbide powder, density:14.3g/cm3,melting point:3875°C. Boiling poin 5500ºC. CAS No.: 12070-06-3, Chemical formula TaC,Tantalum carbide is brown and cubic crystalline powder, with cubic system structure of NaCl type. it is three Yuan, four Yuan carbide melting component, like WC-NbC-C ternary system and so on. With high chemical stability and favorable high—temperature character. TaC powder with fine particle size is an important cermet material, Use it to make cutting tools, can resist temperature up to 3800ºC,  and hardness and compare with the diamond,  as tungsten carbide grain refiner, can significantly improve the performance of the alloy.


The Tatanlum carbide powder advantage of Changsha Langfeng metallic material Co.,Ltd

Choose High purity 99.99% Tantalum oxide and High purity carbon black raw material, ensure the purity of Tantalum carbide powder.

The special original additive application technology, ensure the powder grain densification, carbide sintered uniform, uniform particle size. 

Unique carbide sintering technology ensures low oxygen content, low free carbon, stable product quality.


TaC Tantalum carbide powder products application

TaC Tantalum carbide powder widely used in flinty thin film, targets, welding materials, thermal spray coating materials. Add tantalum carbide powder in the WC -Cobalt carbide series as a grain refiner, can improve the alloy red heat resistance, high hardness and chemical stability, use it to cutting tools, can resistant to high temperature below 3800ºC, and hardness can compare with diamond. The tantalum carbide appear golden yellow color after sintered, that’s can be used for watches decorations.

TaC Tantalum carbide powder products applications

As an chemical additive used in cutting tools, fine ceramics, mold wear and corrosion and structural components, to improve the toughness of the alloy. Grain as to inhibit growth and improve the organizational structure and add the primary purpose of Mo2C, NbC, Cr2C3, VC and other rare metal carbides, whether coarse grain production and other mining tools such as rod or ultra-fine grain alloys are FSSS should choose low granularity of rare metal carbide, carbide by adding trace amounts of rare metals, it's just regulate the WC grain size and improving the role of the organizational structure, and therefore, it is desirable finer dispersing additive effect is more trying to be difficult. Especially for ultra-fine grain alloy rod, etc., if the additive particle size is too course, it will form an alloy clip rough, resulting in the opposite effect.


TaC Tantalum carbide powder products quality index of typical


Chemical composition(%)

Total carbon

Free Carbon

Impurity (max,% )




















Particle size: 0.5-500 micron, 5-400mesh;  Particle size and chemical composition are modified on request


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