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Titanium carbide based carbide customer feedback

Author: langfeng Time: 2017-03-31

Evaluation of Titanium - based Steel Combined with Gold Bar to Improve the Work Hardening of High Manganese Steel Wear Resistant
In our sales process, many customers often ask, your titanium-based steel can not do with a higher hardness, so that our high manganese steel wear parts, such as crusher hammer, plate hammer life Will be longer. In fact, we can adjust the formula so that the hardness of the alloy rods is higher, but the application should pay attention to some technical points: for example, Langfeng materials produced titanium alloy steel rod hardness can not be higher than HRC62, HRC60 best, because it and High manganese steel substrate, there is a feature, in a strong impact, extrusion conditions, the surface of the rapid occurrence of hardening phenomenon, so that while maintaining toughness and plasticity at the same time hardening layer has good wear resistance.
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