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  • Professor of a university to Langfeng metal inspection carbide powder

    13 Apr 2017

    April 12, a university professor to the company to study the company's research and development of carbide powder and production equipment, and the test equipment has been tested, the test results can be very good to achieve the purpose of use.

  • Powder metallurgy technology prospects

    06 Apr 2017

    Powder metallurgy is a very promising new technology, new technology, has been widely used in agricultural machinery, automotive, machine tools, metallurgy, chemical, light industry, geological exploration, transportation and other areas. Powder metallurgy materials are tool materials and mechanical...

  • Titanium carbide based carbide customer feedback

    31 Mar 2017

    Evaluation of Titanium - based Steel Combined with Gold Bar to Improve the Work Hardening of High Manganese Steel Wear Resistant In our sales process, many customers often ask, your titanium-based steel can not do with a higher hardness, so that our high manganese steel wear parts, such as crusher ...

  • A warmly welcome to Jiangsu customers to visit

    27 Mar 2017

    March 24, Jiangsu, a tool manufacturing Co., Ltd. technical staff, came to high-speed processing tool material manufacturers - Changsha Langfeng Metal Materials Co., Ltd., for the high-speed processing of titanium alloy CNC tool project tour, by the company leaders and all staff Of the hot column we...

  • The development potential of powder metallurgy is huge

    21 Mar 2017

    The emergence of powder metallurgy products for the development of modern society has brought a very large role in various industries, powder metallurgy products to play their own strength, such as in the rapid development of automobile production, powder metallurgy technology to provide A variety o...

  • The rapid development of powder metallurgy

    15 Mar 2017

    Powder metallurgy has been able to develop rapidly in today's market, because it has a lot of advantages, the traditional casting process has been unable to keep up with the rapid pace of development of today's social industry, so many areas used in parts and components need to pass high Technology ...

  • Our company sent the titanium carbide-based ceramic products to Poland

    09 Mar 2017

    TM52 Titanium carbide-based cermet cemented carbide products are characterized by: hardness can not be higher than HRC62, HRC60 is best because it is combined with high manganese steel substrate.

  • TiC TaC Cost Rise

    03 Mar 2017

    Recently , affecting by raw material TiO2(type R) and TaO2, our carbide powders's unit price will be increased accordingly, like titanium carbide powder TiC, Tantalum carbide powder TaC, TaNbC80:20, TaNbC60:40..etc.

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