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  • An effective way to extend tool life(一)

    18 Aug 2017

    As component manufacturers continue to increase productivity, customers often make annual requests to reduce the price of finished parts, which poses a challenge to the profit margins of component manufacturers. For their own survival and development, parts manufacturers must spare no effort to redu...

  • Thermal Spraying Technology application field(四)

    12 Aug 2017

    5. restore the size - this type of coating is mainly used for repairing or machined parts due to wear ultra-poor. The choice of coating material depends on the requirements of the part. 6. gap control coatings - such coatings provide tight seal gap, significantly improve equipment performance and ...

  • Thermal Spraying Technology application area(三)

    07 Aug 2017

    anti-corrosion coating - select this type of coating is more complicated, because the parts in corrosion status, the environment temperature and a variety of media has certain requirements, generally use the cobalt base alloys, nickel base alloy and oxide ceramic as coating material, by increasing t...

  • Application field of the thermal Spraying Technology(二)

    31 Jul 2017

    High temperature & oxidation resistance, such coatings resistant to chemical or physical decomposition, improve the parts of high temperature performance. Such coatings are divided into the following situation.

  • Thermal Spraying Technology application field(一)

    21 Jul 2017

    Whether it is mechanical parts or metal structures, the most prominent problem is the surface wear or corrosion or both. Here's a brief overview of the U.S. METCO coating application guide Wear resistance - Thermal Spraying Technology applications at the maximum high and low temperatures. Such coati...

  • Inhibition Mechanism of Cemented Carbide Grain Inhibitors(一)

    17 Jul 2017

    In the cemented carbide liquid sintering,tungsten,carbon atoms gradually dissolved in the liquid phase,at a certain temperature to dissolve - precipitation process to achieve dynamic equilibrium.The solubility of tungsten carbide particles in the liquid phase is closely related to particle size,surf...

  • Research on WC material effect on the properties of alloy (二)

    07 Jul 2017

    Choose different WC carbide content do 1KG alloy appraisal (manufacturing process is the same)With the shaft machine wet grinding ball mill barrel, 20 t hand and press forming technology, vacuum sintering furnace for sintering test.

  • WC carbon content on the properties of WC - Co carbide impact study(一)

    23 Jun 2017

    At present, the research on WC material effect on the properties of alloy has become a research direction,improve the carbide for WC raw material production factory, can provide users with high-quality raw materials is currently a major issue.Through domestic related information and related experim...

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