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Lang Feng materials to enhance awareness of safety activities

Author: langfeng Time: 2016-12-26

December 23, 2016, in order to further strengthen the safety awareness of carbide production, Changsha Lang Feng Metallic Materials Co., Ltd. has done two measures: 1. Fire drills; 2. To conduct a safety workshop investigation.
Under the leadership of the company leadership, for emergencies, how to familiarize employees with escape routes to ensure the safety of employees, at 9 am and a fire escape exercises, along with three whistles, the official start of the exercise. With the tense alarm sound, the office staff and production workshop staff, quickly and orderly collection to the factory space.
After the leadership of the production workshop to conduct a safety inspection of production and guidance, the occurrence of security incidents have repeatedly reminded the link, technical staff and production director of the depth of the spot checks to do a good job in the shop record, to prevent security incidents. The company has been committed to safe production, in the past year, the production workshop to safety director of the accident-free awards.
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