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Inhibition Mechanism of Cemented Carbide Grain Inhibitors(一)

Author: langfeng Time: 2017-07-17

Inhibition Mechanism of Cemented Carbide Grain Inhibitors(一)

In the cemented carbide liquid sintering,tungsten,carbon atoms gradually dissolved in the liquid phase,at a certain temperature to dissolve - precipitation process to achieve dynamic equilibrium.The solubility of tungsten carbide particles in the liquid phase is closely related to particle size,surface energy and temperature.The larger the difference between the small particles and the large particle size,the greater the saturation solubility in the liquid phase, so that the driving force of the tungsten carbide grain grows. With the refinement of the original tungsten carbide and cobalt powder particles, especially when the tungsten carbide powder particle size reaches 0.2 microns or less,the tungsten carbide grains will grow rapidly during sintering to form non-continuous tungsten carbide coarse particles,Significantly reduce the mechanical and mechanical properties of cemented carbide. Therefore,in the sintered ultrafine grain cemented carbide,often to join the grain growth inhibitor to inhibit the rapid growth of tungsten carbide grains, to minimize and eliminate this non-continuous growth of large tungsten carbide grain form.

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