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An effective way to extend tooling life(二)

Author: langfeng Time: 2017-08-25

An effective way to extend tooling life(二)

Subsequently, a mechanism was proposed for mechanical operation - brushing the tap with bristles with nylon bristles, and this operation must be carried out at each tapping cycle. In order to avoid wasting the tapping cycle in the machining center, the nylon brush is mounted on the fixture and programmed to make the taps close to the fixed nylon before each tapping cycle begins Brush the cutting edge for a brush.

As a result, the operator reflects that the results of the inspection of the threaded workpiece indicate that the thread quality is significantly improved, the thread surface is clean, free of defects and minute burrs. The thread quality remains acceptable even after exceeding the specified tool life (for the purpose of facilitating tool inventory, the company's life for each tool used). To this end, the company re-developed a new tap life parameters. For example, when the M10 × 1-6H tap produced by Emuge is tapped at a spindle speed of 600 rpm and a feedrate of 1 mm / r, the specified tool life is 6,000 holes before the brush cutting edge method is introduced. After cutting the edge of the method, the tap life has reached more than 13,000 holes. As a result, the cost of cutting tools per year is about $ 650 by cutting the cutting edge.

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