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An effective method of extending tool life

Author: langfeng Time: 2017-09-02

An effective method of extending tool life
After the success of the tap, the method is applied to all cutting tools. Although the effect of extending the life of various tools is not consistent, the results are still encouraging. By cutting the cutting edge at the beginning or after each machining cycle, the tool life can be increased by 2-4 times. The indexable ceramic milling insert was also tested for more than six months. The advantages of cutting tool cutting edges include improving part quality, extending tool life, reducing tool inventory, and increasing machine tool processing time by reducing tool change frequency. By taking this measure, the company's annual production cost savings of about $ 12,600.
In order to further extend tool life, the technician has also tried to use a brush containing abrasive (such as alumina or silicon carbide abrasive) to clean the cutting edge, but the method is not successful, in all cases, the tool life has been reduced.
At present, the technician is machining the center of the tool by automatically changing the position of the tool to install a rotatable ring brush, which will help to shorten the machining cycle time.
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