Vanadium carbide powder coating application

2023-01-06 12:00:33

Hunan WISE New Material Technology Co.,Ltd.

Thin layer of vanadium carbide, with metallurgical means to the surface of the new method of tooling, parts processing efficiency with this tool can be increased several times, or even several times. This method is the tool steel tool in the borate bath containing carbide elements, you can make the spread of vanadium heat into the tool steel matrix in, and with the carbon combination. Commonly used for Cr5MoLV and Cr12MoV alloy tool steel. This coating has a high hardness of 3200 to 3800 HV and is less susceptible to peeling, and 20% of the coating thickness (0.014 to 0.0125 mm) penetrates into the tool surface, thus greatly improving tool life.

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