Self-lubricating Guide Roller


Titanium Carbide  Steel Bonded 

wear-resistant composite material

Self-lubricating guide roller

Guide Rollers for High Speed Wire Rod Mills

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 Guild Roller / Wheel Product Introduction:

Titanium carbide based steel bonded guide roller (guide wheel) is one of spare parts in high speed wire rod mills. TiC guide roller ensures faster and accurate position during rolling process, to ensure smooth entry into the wheel groove. It is suitable for the high speed up to 110 m / s, the rotation of guide roller (guide wheel) is 5,0000 rpm , the surface temperature up to 800-1100 ℃. it also withstands a certain physical impact and stress, with the good performance of quick acceleration, which results in an improved steel surface quality.

Titanium carbide based steel bonded guide roller has proved to be a cost-effective material for the manufacture of guide rollers for wire rod mills, having low density, excellent oxidation and wear resistance, coupled with relatively good resistance to thermal shock.

Hunan WISE New Material Technology Co.,Ltd. 

Product Core Technology:

1. Unique Material Technology: unique additive formulation used in steel-bonded titanium carbide guide rollers to max ensure the densification, high hardness and toughness, and good impact resistance.

2. Advanced Technology:  The unique production technical process researched by the powder metallurgical experts, advanced material granulation technology, special liquid phase sintering technology and intelligent heat treatment technology, ensure the product superior wear resistance and repeated product performance.
3, Exquisite CNC technology: Fine finsh is performed by superb CNC machining technology, intelligent program is also researched and develped by CNC experts, the entire process using a specialcermet blade for roughing to finishing, to ensure the concentricity, accuracy and surface finish.


Hunan WISE New Material Technology Co.,Ltd.

Product Characteristics:

1. Titanium carbide based steel bonded guide roller has high wear resistance. A large number of refractory metal carbides (titanium carbide) are dispersedly distributed in the steel-bonded hard alloy wear-resistant composite material, which has high hardness and greatly improves the abrasion resistance. In contact with the red steel, due to the high speed and high temperature, the surface will generate titanium oxide, which will  lubricate the steel, reduce the wear and the scratches on the steel. Therefore, the surface quality of the steel can be greatly improved. It is the best choice for producing steel with supereme quality, it is also the main reason why titanium carbide-based steel bonded wear-resistant composites have extremely high wear resistance and long service life.
2. low density and low coefficient of thermal expansion. When working with steel, the bearings do not get stuck and have good bearing anti-seizing ability when qunching and annealing . The titanium carbide based steel bonded guide roller is lightweight and less than half the weight of the tungsten carbide, so the guide roller can accelerate to 30,000 rpm without damaging the bearing.

3.The microstructure of titanium carbide-based steel bonded wear-resistant composites are mainly titanium carbide and tool steel, so it has good thermal fatigue resistance, low friction coefficient, and good self-lubricating properties. Therefore, the working portion of the guide roller has less wear and can greatly improve the output of high-speed wire rods.

4.The product has good densification, good oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, non-stick steel, and greatly improves the surface quality of the steel.

5.Low annealing hardness: HRC46-48, easy for roughing and finishing, lower processing costs compared with similar foreign products, low cost, substantial saving costs for production.

6. High hardness, HRC62-72, good wear resistance. The service life is 8-10 times longer compared with that of high chromium cast steel and Cr12MoV material. and the guide rollers can be reused after repaired.

7. Heat treatable, weldable, with low heat treatment deformation rate.

8.With high elastic modulus and rigidity and excellent damping characteristics, it can eliminate the vibration caused by itself and even the machine. It is a good rigid anti-seismic tool.

9. Titanium carbide based steel bonded guide roller has outstanding resistance to abrasive wear and thermal fatigue. Compared with conventional high-chromium cast steel guide rollers, titanium carbide based steel bonded guide roller have a longer service life, its average service life reaches 70-80 hours. After the guide roller is repaired, the average service life can be furtherly extended. The service life of high-chromium cast steel and Cr12MoV material guide rollers is generally 8 hours, serious wear grooves and fatigue cracks occur. The deep grooves produced after the wear will cause sticking steel, which will seriously affect the surface of steel.

10. The titanium carbide based steel bonded guide roller can also greatly increase the service life of the guide roller , and thus reduce the handling cost of the frequence repalcement of guide roller, decrease the replacement time caused hereby, increase the output of steel, and can also reduce safety accidents caused by roller damage.


Hunan WISE New Material Technology Co.,Ltd.


Product Application Suggestion:

1.Bearing Selection: Bearing selection is also very important for guide rollers. The service life of bearings affects the service life of guide rollers. We recommend customers to use SKF bearings made in Swiss or FAG bearings made in Germany, the combination of such bearings and titanium carbide based steel bonded guide roller can improve the service life of guide rollers substantially.

 2.the selection of lubricant: we recommend Tehaode Lubricant, Elf Lubricant, Luroda Lubricant, Survos Lubrican.


Product Application Example:

1.One rolling mill belonged to China Baowu Steel Group,they used Cr12MoV material guide rollers, they needed to replace guide rollers every 8 hours with severe wear grooves and fatigue cracks, and disable bearings. Every shift needs to change the guide roller. After using the titanium carbide based steel bonded guide wheels, the service life is up to 72 hours, 9 times extended. Previouly they will cost at least 1800pcs guide rollers monthly, about RMB 180,000.00 together the cost of replacement, while with titanium carbide based steel bonded guide wheels, only 200pcs guide rollers are needed monthly, about RMB90,000.00. Based on such conditions, one mill can save RMB900,000.00 every year, costs are saved up to 50%!

2.Currently titanium carbide based steel bonded guide wheels are widely used in more than 30 countries and regions, including the United States, Germany, Turkey, Singapore, South Korea,etc., Its longer service life generate values for our customers.

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