Chromium carbide powders Application

2023-01-06 12:02:09
Hunan WISE New Material Technology Co.,Ltd.
1:  Chromium carbide powders is commonly used as grain inhibitor and grain finer in cemented carbide products, like cutting tools, enhance the tools’ hardness and wear resistance, toughness and stength.
2 . Could used in the field of wear resistance welding material, such cr3C2 welding rod ( D626,D402), NbC-Cr3C2 complex welding rod.
3: Applied in the industry of Cr3C2 wear resistance complex steel plate (such as SA1750CR), Overlaying Complex steel Plate, wear resistance film and semiconductor film.
4: Chromium carbide powder is used as additive in the field of spray coating material, welding powder material, it could be worked into NiCr-Cr3C2 powder, a new cermet powder.
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