22x6x6mm 2.8mm thickness Manual Tile Cutter Tungsten Carbide Replacement scoring wheel-Black Titanium Coated

tungsten carbide, replacement scoring wheel, manual tile cutter


the wheel with whole round welding technology under the 5-10 kg of pressure destructive testing, could keep continuous strip in the same tile line cutting , no fall apart, no loose, the cutting life will be increased several times. Ceramic stone can be cut without chipping, marking straight and so on.


Our factory Changsha Langfeng Metallic Material Co.,Ltd now has a improvement in manual tile cutter wheel bearing quality, in high-middle grade, we use flange bearings and take precision welding process, which could assure never falling apart. Quality is higher but keep the same price.


Item name

Tungsten carbide replacement scoring wheel for manual tile cuter


tungsten carbide

surface treatment

mirror polished, titanium plated to the wheel, zinc plated to the bar, etc.as your requirements.


22x10.5x6mm; 22x6x6mm


500 pieces


Inner package: plastic tube

Outer package: paper carton

package can be customized.


manual tile cutter


OEM orders are welcome


All the tile cutter wheels must be inspected strictly with the ultrasonic.

high density,high wear and impact resistance,which lead them a long life.

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